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About Adamjee Cantonment College

Adamjee Cantonment College is a renowned and well established educational institution of our country and managed by Bangladesh Army. It is crowned with the glory of passing over half a century in the field of education. The institution has earned the rare prestige of being one of the top ranking colleges of our country for its outstanding academic achievements in the recent years. In 2014, the college was recognized as the best college among 29 colleges run by Bangladesh Army based on academic and extracurricular performances. Besides academic achievements, our students are also bringing laurels in the field of extracurricular activities by competing against renowned institutions.

About Adamjee Cantonment College IT Club

"ACC IT CLUB" is the 1st IT Club in College level in Bangladesh. It's a student body that inspire and empower students of Adamjee Cantonment College to be involved in IT related tasks and knowledge sharing. This also applies to expand their knowledge about Information and Technology. This club will also have been organizing many IT related events in Adamjee Cantonment College and has participated to different IT related programs to other institutions for expressing these motives more clearly and also imparting inspiration and knowledge along with potential of IT. It will also make use of the potential Adamjee Cantonment College students have in IT related fields. Our Passive task will also be to help other clubs in IT related tasks.

Our Mission & Vision

Our thoughts and plans revolve around technology. So our mission and vision in spreading technology are:

  • To share knowledge among the members.
  • To create new stuffs together.
  • To solve problems of each other.
  • To learn from each other through co-working
  • To make the world a better place through technology.
  • To make the dream of "Digital Bangladesh" become true.

Focused Areas

  • Programming
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Robotics
  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Cyber Security and Safety
  • Microcontroller & Robotics
  • Videography & VFX
  • Sound Engineering
  • Technology Innovation
  • New Ideas
  • And Many More......

   Our Principal

Brigadier General Syed Ahmed Ali, ndc
Adamjee Cantonment College

He wished ACC IT Club so That It Can Succeed in spreading Technology knowledge in all the students of Adamjee Cantonment College.

Events , Meet-Ups and Workshops

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The Sillicon Valley

This one is the first publication from ACC IT CLUB. This magazine was published soon after the 1st IT Carnival 2016. The "Sillicon Vallay" magazine points out segments from the carnival. It also contains literary articles from the members. This magazine reflects the work of the club as a physicial piece.

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Our Team

Our Team consists of a Moderator, Adviser and Technology Enthusiast students. A portion of skilled students form the panel consting of 10-50 members. The club consists more than 500 General Members from each batch. The club runs through the particiaption of both panel and general members.

Adamjee Cantonment College,
Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka - 1206, Bangladesh


+88 017-20-350-007