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ACC Carnival Presents – 3rd ACC IT Carnival

Adamjee Cantonment College IT Club is proud to announce that we are returning with the monolith college level IT event, ACC National Carnival Presents 3rd ACC IT Carnival 2018.
We present you a platform to compete, to nurture and to flourish with your skills in IT. ACC IT Club successfully brings to you the biggest college level technology event of Bangladesh back in the 1st ACC IT Carnival 2016 and have successfully upheld its glory and promise in the 2nd ACC IT Carnival 2017 and we plan to bring you no less of the amazing and competitive experience this year as well. We promise to give young prodigies and new comers altogether a massive platform to bring forth their latent talents of IT and the result of their hard work in their respective segments by bringing all of your promising minds under a common platform. Moreover, we assure you an experience like never before that’s going to leave you wanting for more!
So, gear up IT geeks and enthusiasts alike! The ‘ACC National Carnival Presents 3rd ACC IT Carnival 2018 ‘ is here!
For your convenience we strongly recommend you to go through the event details and registration procedure and of course don’t forget to read the “Rules”.
Thank you.


1. Cyber Gaming Contest
• COD 4
• FIFA 18
• Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005

2. Programming Contest
3. IT Project Display
4. Graphic Designing Contest
5. Mobile Gaming Competition

Registration links:

• Cyber Gaming Contest

• Programming Contest

• IT Project Display

• Graphic Designing Contest

• Mobile Gaming Competition
On-spot only

Event Details:

1. Cyber Gaming Competition

• All School and college level students can participate in the gaming tournament . This segment will not have any School or College category. For team games participates can team up from a particular institutes.

# Call of Duty 4
Maximum player per team: 5 and 1 Sub
Registration fee: 2500/- BDT per team
Spot registration not available.

i. Each team can consist of no more or less than 5 members;
ii. Each team can have 1 extra player for substitution;
iii. Organizers will provide general Keyboard and Mouse;
iv. Although players can bring their own keyboard and mouse.

More details:
Quick Rules:
• Mode: 5 vs 5 Search & Destroy Promod;
• Maps: Backlot, City streets, Crash, Crossfire, Strike;
• Server: Promod_mode knockout_mr12_knife_lan;
• ProMod Version: Promod Live 2.20;
• Screenshot: Winning team must take a screenshot after the match.

Team Requirements:
• Teams must have at least 5 players on their roster to play;
• The maximum number of players per team is 6 players;
• If a team cannot come up with at least 4 players within the given time, they would have to forfeit;

Server Settings:
• For all matches, PromodLive v2.20 or above must be used. The specific mode is
• PunkBuster will be enabled on all match servers at all times during the match;

Knife Round:
• A 1v1 knife Round will be done to ban maps. The loser of the knife will ban 1 map and then the winner has to ban another. Of the remaining 3 maps both teams will select one map and the 3rd map will be decider. In case of a BO1, loser and winner will again ban two maps from the rest of the maps;
• A 5v5 knife round should be played before each map where the winner is then to choose which side they start on.

Match Rules:
• Teams must play using a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 5. If at any point a team drops below this minimum number of players, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win after 5 minutes has passed in the next earliest ready-up period (note: this excludes team timeout periods). If you continue to play the match, then you CANNOT dispute for this after the game;
• A team may substitute a player at any time during the match as long as the player is listed on the team’s roster. If the player is not on the roster, the team must obtain permission from the opposing team;
• Each team is allowed one timeout per side (Attack / Defense) & 2 per map;
• In case of a draw, there will be MR3. If the match is not decided within 3 MR3s, then there will be a knife round to decide the winner;
• Once a match has been closed/completed, it cannot be reopened. You must ensure that you either enter the correct result or dispute the match before it is auto accepted.


# FIFA 18
Registration fee: 350/- BDT per player
Spot registration not available.


• Players can play either with Keyboard or with Controller;
•. Keyboard will be provided by the organizers;
•. Players need to bring their own controller.

More details:

Game Version: FIFA 18 for PC
General Provisions:
• Competition Method: 1 vs. 1;
• Game Mode: Match mode;
• Player changes and strategy changes are limited to 3 times during the game. (The changes before the start of first and second half are not included in this count.);
• Esports Council reserves the right to install additional software and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verifying match results or gathering match data.

Game setting:

• The officially licensed FIFA 18 product must be used with all its official updates;
• The teams and players abilities cannot be modified arbitrarily;
• Players on both sides must select the options before they begin the game. The match result will be accepted even if the players, during or after the match, find out each other’s settings were different from the official settings;
• Players may modify the devdata.dat file (pad incompatibility cases only);

• Difficulty Level = World Class;
• Half Length = 6 minutes;
• Injuries = OFF;
• Offside = ON;
• Defending = Tactical Defending.
We will provide Generic keyboard and mouse. If player prefers they can bring their gaming keyboard, mouse and controller
*Only school and college level students can register for this event.
By registering you automatically accept the terms and conditions IT club provides and accept to abide by the rules IT club pronounces.
ACC IT Club is the ultimate authority for every and any type of decision.


# Need for Speed Most Wanted
Registration fee: 200/- BDT per player
Spot registration is available.

Game Version: NFS Most Wanted 1.3
General Competition Method: 4P Race
Game Type: Circuit at the end of each match, players must maintain the final screens and receive confirmation from a referee.

Winning a race: The winner of a race is the first player to complete 2 laps of the circuit course and cross the finishing line.

Final Race: The winner of the final race is the first player to complete 5 laps of the circuit course and cross the finishing line.

Graphic settings such as motion blur can be set using external utilities. The use of Porsche Carrera GT and BMW M3 are NOT allowed. Car settings visual upgrade allowed. Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate) allowed.
Note that, “Junkman” is not allowed. Personal save files are NOT allowed. Cars may be tuned before racing each course. Tuning in the middle of the race is forbidden.
Mode Options: Circuit Track
Direction: Forward/Backward
N20: OFF
Collision Detection: Off
Performance Matching: Off
Min. Num. Players: 2 Player Options
Car Damage: Off
Rearview Mirror: Player’s own discretion
Units: Player’s own discretion
Junkman: Not Allowed

Disconnect Disconnection: Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System, Network, PC, and/or Power problems/issues
Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit
When any disconnection occurs: If the disconnection is deemed to be unintentional by the referee, the match will be restarted. If any player does not agree to a match restart, that player will lose by default. Penalty for Unfair Play Unfair Play Use of any cheat program Intentional Disconnection Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings If the match is disrupted due to unnecessary chatting, the player may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion. Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament. During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time. Two warnings constitute being disqualified from the tournament.



2. Programming Contest
The platform of the contest will be . There will be a Preliminary Contest (Online) for selecting contestants of Final Round (Onsite).

• Acceptable Language: C/C++.
• Preliminary Round: 20/2/18 – 08:30 pm – 10:30 pm (2 hours)
• Final Round (Onsite): 8:30 am -11:00 am (2 hours 30 minutes)
• ‎Number of problems: 10
• ‎Eligibility: Up to Class XII.


3. IT Project Display
This is a segment designated for the propagation of your sense of aesthetics, creativity and innovativeness. You can show your IT related projects here. The rules in associated with the segment are provided below.

a) Each team may consist of up to 3 members;
b) The project can be anything related to Technology.
c) The teams have to use their own devices to showcase the project and other necessary equipment.
d) All the students from class IX/Std IX-XII/A level can participate. The segment will be divided into two groups (School: IX/Std IX-X/O level) and (College: XI/Std XI-XII /A level)


4. Graphic Designing Contest

• The participants will be given a specific topic for designing. The topic can be related to anything.
• They will do their design on the given specific topic at that instant. The participants submitting the best designs will be declared as the winners.
• No extra files will be given prior to the design for designing help.
• All the students Up to Class XII can participate in the contest. It should be noted that there will be no School or College based groups in the competition.


5. Mobile Gaming Competition
A segment for the mobile gaming geeks and the maniacs.
Participants have to Pay “50TK”. The Registration method will be on-spot.
• All the students Up to Class XII can participate in the contest. It should be noted that there will be no School or College based groups in the competition.
• There will be male and female category.
• Participants cannot use their own mobile phone. Our authority will provide mobile phone to play.

Event Details:
1. Only ACC IT Club reserves the authority to select the time, venue, subject, judges and mentors. You can notify any objection to the ACC IT Club;
2. In the competitions, the judges’ decision is to be accepted as the final judgment. No objection from participants will be entertained concerning these matters.
3. All participants from different institutions are requested to follow the rules and regulations stated above and help ACC IT Club to make this event successful;
4. Participants must take care of their components as in game pad, headphone, mouse, keyboard etc. Our authority will not take the liability if you find your component missing or lost.

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